Poffertjes Pan Cast Iron Ø23.5 cm


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The Cast Iron poffertjes plate makes 15 Dutch poffertjes (mini-pancakes) at a time.

The pan is manufactured from cast iron that allows for optimum heat conduction so that your poffertjes can cook quickly.

The enamel layer on the bottom allows for the plate to be suitable for all heat sources.

The poffertjes plate can also be used in the oven for other dishes such as escargot.

The cast iron pan is dishwasher safe and is also very stable!

This model can be used for induction cooktops as it has a smooth bottom. It is recommended to be careful while using the product due to the heavy weight of cast iron.

Poffertjes are little pancake puffs from the Netherlands formed by pouring a yeast-based batter into the cavities of a Poffertjes Pan. They are cooked on each side until golden and finished off with a few dots of butter and a sprinkling of powdered sugar. They are particularly popular as a street food during holidays and summer festivals