Mandela Tea Organic Honeybush & Buchu 20 Bags


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Buchu tea grows naturally in only one place on earth – the Cederberg in the Western Cape.

It’s been brewed as a tea for centuries, to drink for pleasure and to treat health conditions. And modern science is confirming buchu’s health-giving properties. The flavour is said to be a combination of mint and blackcurrant.

Our Mandela Tea Organic Honeybush & Buchu Tea has a delicious hint of natural honeybush sweetness.


Mandela Teas contain teas that are indigenous to South Africa: the much-loved honeybush, rooibos, and buchu.

Antioxidant-rich, our teas  can help to promote a strong immune system, and keep your brain active and healthy.

Mandela Teas also contain an abundance of minerals essential to good health and wellbeing. Ranging from iron, potassium and calcium to magnesium and manganese, these minerals help prevent anaemia, correct fluid balance abnormalities, and encourage healthy bones.

Every ingredient in Mandela Tea is 100% organic.