Ancient Roots Chicory Drink 150g


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This drink is locally made from locally sourced and roasted chicory root.

Naturally free of gluten, GMOs and dairy.

Stronger and more coffee-like in flavour than existing instant chicory products.

A delicious, natural, and caffeine-free alternative


  • Transfer one teaspoon to a coffee mug.
  • Pour in freshly boiled water and stir.
  • Enjoy as is or with any kind of milk or sweetener.

The use of chicory in traditional medicine dates back to the herbalists of ancient Egypt. Better known in modern times as a caffeine-free coffee replacement, chicory has regained its celebrated health status after being recognised as the richest natural source of inulin, a type of soluble fibre prescribed by doctors to treat digestive issues, promote weight loss, and help control diabetes. Similar enough to coffee to fool a seasoned caffeinator, our chicory’s full-bodied flavour and aroma are nevertheless uniquely and deliciously its own.